Tree Planting Services

DecoMax Landscaping offers you a wide variety of softscape landscaping services to help you create your desired exterior home look and feel, including tree planting services.

From initial design consultation to final installation and maintenance suggestions, DecoMax Landscaping has skilled crews to meet and exceed your tree planting requirements.

DecoMax Landscaping focuses on your core project requirements and on the little details that go along way for you to enjoy your space for many years to come.

DecoMax landscaping strives to complete your project in a timely matter and really go the distance to make your project stand out from the rest.

Options for Tree Planting Services

Tree services include:

  • Tree Selection and Installation – Trees provide oxygen, improve air quality, provide shade, help conserve water evaporation, help preserve soil, and provide food and homes for different animal species
  • Tree Removal – Old and dying trees are removed as they can become a safety hazard, can carry diseases, and are unpleasant to see
  • Tree Pruning – Improves the look and health of trees allowing sunlight and air circulation throughout the tree canopy
  • Tree Stump Grinding – Tree stumps are tripping hazards and can attract unwanted insects during decay

Project Process for Tree Planting Services

A typical project process for tree planting services includes the following:

1) Design Meeting

  • We meet with you to discuss the scope of your project including services required, design, project areas, selection of materials, etc…

2) Project Proposal

  • We present you with a Project Proposal for your review and consideration and selection of services based on your needs and wants
  • Project Proposal includes pricing for your investment options
  • Once finalized and accepted, Contract Agreement is signed and we begin Project Planning

3) Project Execution

  • Utility Service Locates – Before starting your project, we have local utility services mark areas where electrical, water, or natural gas lines are located underground
  • Project Space Marking – Project area is outlined with spray paint
  • Excavation – Removal and disposal of existing pavement, concrete, soil, and materials to be replaced in project scope
  • Base Preparation – A properly installed base is essential for  proper water drainage and root growth
  • Material Installation – Selected trees will be installed over the prepared base
  • Project Inspection – Before site clean up and washing, we will inspect work done with you
  • Watering – All fresh plant material and grass will be soaked with water before washing and cleaning up of site
  • Site Clean up and Area Washing – Your project area will be cleaned and washed

4)  Project Maintenance and Care

  • Our team will instruct you on how to care for and maintain your project area by giving proper instructions and tips

Budgeting for Tree Planting Services

Budgeting for tree planting services takes in to account selection of services required, project size, and quality and quantity of materials selected by you.

We are happy to speak with you about your unique project.

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