Commercial Property Maintenance

Keep your commerical property clean and beautiful with customized Commercial Property Maintenance Services.

Your commercial property should be a welcoming space for both your employees and clients to enjoy.

Options for Commercial Property Maintenance

Grass Maintenance

DecoMax Landscaping Commercial Grass Maintenance

Grass maintenance services offered include:

  • Grass Mowing – Regular scheduled grass mowing keeps your lawn beautiful and healthy while eliminating some grass pests
  • Fertilizer Application – Regularly applied fertilizer helps replace lost soil nutrients and reduce weed growth
  • Grass Aeration Services – Allows oxygen and water to penetrate grass roots to keep your grass looking green and healthy
  • Flower Bed Edging – Enhances the look of your flower beds and property, while keeping grass away from overshadowing flower beds
  • Grass Top Dress Soil Application – Reduces grass hatches by encouraging decomposition and adding nutrients to soil
  • Grass Overseeding – Improves the look of your lawn by filling in missing gaps and adding volume to your lawn

Flower Beds Maintenance

DecoMax Landscaping Commercial Flower Beds Maintenance

Flower bed maintenance services offered:

  • Flower Beds Design – Design and selection of proper soil, flowers, plants, mulch, trees, and shrubs adequate for every area and season
  • Flower Beds Installation – Once designed and approved, our crews work effectively and efficiently to execute design plan
  • Flower Beds Maintenance – flower bed edging, removal of weeds and dead plant material, clean up of debris, litter , leafs and, other unwanted items, pruning, cutback and  shaping of plant material

Trees Maintenance

DecoMax Landscaping Commercial Trees Maintenance

Tree maintenance services offered:

  • Tree Selection and Installation – Trees provide oxygen, improve air quality, provide shade, help conserve water evaporation, help preserve soil, and provide food and homes for different animal species
  • Tree Removal – Old and dying trees are removed as they can become a safety hazard, can carry diseases, and are unpleasant to see
  • Tree Pruning – Improves the look and health of trees allowing sunlight and air circulation throughout the tree canopy
  • Tree Stump Grinding – Tree stumps are tripping hazards and can attract unwanted insects during decay

Shrubs Maintenance

DecoMax Landscaping Commercial Shrubs Maintenance

Shrub maintenance services offered:

  • Shrub Pruning – Pruning shrubs at the right time of the season helps to keep your plant material beautiful and healthy
  • Shrub Shaping – Shaping shrubs creates feature areas in gardens

Spring and Fall Clean Up

DecoMax Landscaping Commercial Spring and Fall Clean Up

Spring and Fall maintenance services offered:

  • Leaf and Branch Clean Up – Removal of dead leaves and branches from your flower beds enhances the look of the property
  • Annual Flower Planting – Refresh the appearance of the property every season with the addition or removal and addition of new annual flowers
  • Trimming and Edging – Shaping shrubs gives flower beds a nice looking depth
  • Power Washing Services – Important to ensure all salt and sand residue gets eliminated from your sidewalks, walls, and doors, which if left unattended, can create damage to materials
  • Power Sweeping Services – Eliminate salt, sand and other debris from your grounds, a corner to corner power sweep will have the grounds looking clean and tidy

Winter Snow Removal

DecoMax Landscaping Commercial Winter Snow Removal

Winter snow removal services offered:

  • Snow Removal – We ensure your property is clear of snow in a timely and acceptable time frame and that plowed snow allows for sage passage of vehicles
  • Salt Application – Salt helps break the bound between pavement and the layer of ice/snow on top.  Salt when in contact with water it lowers its freezing point, giving the effect of ” its melting the snow”.  Trained technicians and calibrated equipment will help to have the right applications applied, helping avoid the contribution for  ecosystem damages, and waste of natural resources while saving you money.  “It’s not how much is applied its how  is it applied”.
  • Site Patrolling and Monitoring – Having a patrolling team monitoring your site is very important, the team will make sure that areas of concern are addressed, such as run off, damages, freezing puddles, frozen spots and be the eyes during the night for any surprise snow mother nature send our way.  Team will also insure any issue with outside of the facility are reported immediately.
  • 24/7 Availability and Open Communication – We are on call before, during, and after snow storms for easy communication and service requests

Litter Control Maintenance

DecoMax Landscaping Commercial Litter Control

Litter control services offered:

  • Removal and Disposal – Proper removal and disposal of litter from your property ensures your grounds are free of litter and all garbage bags are changed from garbage bins to avoid over flow, smell, and attraction of wild animals such as racoons, while also decreasing the potential for flies and maggots from accumulating and looking terrible along your grounds

Commercial Property Maintenance Process

A typical Custom Commercial Property Maintenance Contract process includes the following elements:

1) Initial Meeting

  • Introduce  DecoMax Landscaping to the client and discuss what services client wants and what we can offer

2) Selection of Services

  • To choose from our list of services to create clients Customized Service Contract based on client needs and wants

3) Property  grounds assessment

  • DecoMax Landscaping will analyze and walk your property to identify areas of service needed and to insure suggestion are made to beautify your grounds or to avoid any safety concerns

4) Contract review and Payment terms discussion

  • contract and pricing will be presented to the client and reviewed , to insure pricing meet budget and all clients terms & needs are listed on the contract
  • DecoMax Landscaping and client will come to an agreement about payment terms and procedures

5) Implementation and scheduling

  • client will be presented with information on how each service will get completed and scheduling will take place

6) Execution

  • when all 5 processes above are completed, teams will start to execute the process as per clients requests

7) Communication

  • client will have always available a representative from DecoMax Landscaping to ensure any questions are answered and any service request is completed
  • from weekly to monthly meeting DecoMax Landscaping takes great pride in meeting with client on a regular basis to insure everything is running as smooth as possible and to insure client is happy with all services

Budgeting for Commercial Property Maintenance

Budgeting for commercial property maintenance takes in to account selection of above offered services, frequency of services requested, and length of contract term.

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